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April 25, 2009

TIP: Converting Excel to Adobe PDF Options

A customer asked me if it was possible to convert an Excel workbook with multiple worksheets into individual PDF documents, each named by the worksheet tab.

Well… it is… and here’s how:

1. Select Create PDF and in the Acrobat PDFMaker dialog box select all worksheets


2. Open the resulting file and notice there are now bookmarks that match the worksheet names


3. Select Document > Split Document.

a.Select Top-level bookmarks; select Output Options


b. Select Use bookmark names for file names


And now with just 2 actions (Create PDF & Split Document), you have your individual files.


  • By Jennifer - 10:09 AM on April 29, 2009  

    This is great for viewing the spreadsheet within Acrobat. I am wondering if there’s a way to embed an excel document so a user could click on a button and the spreadsheet appears in a separate window. The spreadsheet has complex calculations, so it needs to stay as an .xls file.

    [[In Excel, select Preferences from the Acrobat toolbar and select “Attach Source File”. When you select Create PDF, you will have a PDF document of the spreadsheet and the original XLS file will be attached to the PDF document under the “paper clip”. But be aware, if you then decide to use Document > Split Document the XLS attachment will *not* be copied into the newly created files. – lori ]]

  • By Butch - 9:37 AM on September 7, 2009  

    I am trying to convert a mileage report from excel to adobe pdf. Can you tell me how?


  • By Dan Puroclean - 2:46 AM on November 15, 2009  

    That’s awesome. I own a restoration company and often create the estimate using an existing Excel template. Being able to combine it with other documents into a pdf file is perfect. Thanks.