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February 17, 2010

New tutorial on designing forms for auto field detection

Using the Form Wizard in Acrobat 9, you have the ability to import documents from MS Word and Adobe InDesign, convert them to PDF documents, and then Acrobat will automatically apply form fields to the document.

I’ve been asked many times if I had any best practices to creating the original form templates in MS Word or Adobe InDesign and as a result of these requests, we’ve created a new tutorial which has been posted here. Alternatively, you can download a PDF version of the tutorial.

Please stay tuned for an international version translated into additional languages.


  • By Sesinam Dagadu - 10:37 AM on March 23, 2010  

    Hello Lori – I think I may have a way for Adobe to take the world of collaboration by storm.

    I recently put together a portfolio for my bosses and was amazed to see how easy it was for me to put the portfolio and how easy it was for people who were new to adobe to use it and comment on documents.

    There was however a problem. once more than one person opens the portfolio either of them loses the ability to save.

    This failure got the whole adobe idea thrown out as an option. We are now in the early stages of starting to use Microsoft share point …which I feel is a great shame.

    I feel adobe can make great strides forward by making the following scenario possible out of the box with adobe acrobat reader and professional.

    say a create a portfolio with 3 documents in it

    1 – Contract Document
    2 – Assembly Instructions
    3 – Design Drawings

    and put it on the server so that everyone can access it.

    I should be able to have 3 people on adobe acrobat reader comment on the individual files in the portfolio and save that metadata separately but all within the same portfolio at the same time.

    So while Sam comments on the Contracts Lori can comment on the engineering drawings while Tom from commissioning can comment on the Assembly instructions and they can all save to one folder.

    What happens when they all click save at the same time? adobe Acrobat should be able to save the comments that Lori made about the engineering drawings to the engineering document without affecting contracts documents and assembly instructions.

    In short I am asking that adobe be able to save documents within a portfolio independently of each other.

    this will mean that even small companies who do not have the luxury of large data centres or servers will need only a shared hard disk to be able to make full use of adobe acrobat professional.

    Please do not confuse this with colaborationon a single document …I know how to do that in adobe what i want is for my people to work on differnt documents without having to resort to a web based service for 2 reasons.

    and no matter how secure is some people are not happy with their design drawings intellectual property etc going to a third party.

    please email me at [xxx] to discuss this further and I have some implementation strategies that might work if your wonderful people at adobe cant see a way forward.

    Kindest Regards

    Sesinam Dagadu

    Froude Hofmann


    United Kingdom

  • By Keith Chung - 8:43 AM on May 7, 2010  

    I just purchased Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro. The auto field detection is excellent feature. I love that feature. I am glad that I finally purchased the Acrobat 9 Pro. Thanks for the tutorial.