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May 12, 2010

ANNOUNCEMENT: Adobe Enterprise Café now available

About one year ago, Adobe introduced an AIR application called LiveCycle Café which has morphed into Adobe Enterprise Café and now includes Acrobat content. This can be your one-stop for updated news, documentation, forum posts, and links to video seminars.


Forums. I’m excited that we’ve attached the forums to the “forums” option. You can review and reply to current posts, and add new topics right from within the application. Note – you’ll need to login with your ID to get the forum feed. We’re working on the ability to let you have one login with your Adobe ID.

Give it a try and send us feedback on your thoughts.

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Acrobat in Times Square – Part Two

Earlier this year, Adobe invited our major North American reseller partners to participate in a contest to create an inventive PDF Portfolio.

The winning entry was submitted by Ron Henager of CompuCom. Ron’s prize was cash; CompuCom’s reward is to be featured on billboard advertising in Times Square (corner of Broadway & West 47th street) for the next few weeks.

If you can’t get to NYC to see the electronic billboard (powered by Adobe Flash) – you can watch the advertisement here.

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