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May 11, 2012

Which video format do you prefer?

To better meet the needs of our community, I’m experimenting with different video formats – some with voice; some with just pictures & words. Acrobat and Adobe Reader are available in over 25 languages and I want to ensure we can deliver the best experience for customers in the US and in the Ukraine. Take a look at the two versions below — each describes the same functionality in Acrobat X, just with a different focus. Video 1 has a voice over; Video 2 is text & graphics with no human voice. Please watch both then vote below for the style that you’d like to see in future content.


  • By Dean - 12:04 AM on May 19, 2012  

    The lack of human presence (voice) in Video 2 means it is much less compelling.

    When you use ‘slides’ in a video you have the same problem as in a live presentation, people read fast, so as a viewer there is a constant feeling of ‘waiting’ for the video to move along (Yeah I *got* it ! Cmon !)

    Whereas the voice over proceeds at a normal pace and you can’t get ahead of it. It is much more conversational (duh) and therefore humanises the experience.

    You are already selling a ‘virtual’ product (software) you literally cannot have too much human presence in the sales material