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November 18, 2010

Adobe MAX 2010: Acrobat X Test Drive Lab

At Adobe MAX 2010, the Acrobat team hosted a 25-seat ‘test drive lab’ where attendees could sit down and try Acrobat X.

Well… now that Acrobat X is officially available – you can also test drive it. Just download the trial version of Acrobat X Pro, the instruction booklet, and the sample files, and then…. ‘start your engines‘.

I’v created a recording – available as a PDF file you can download (it’s big – about 172MB) where I review the content, so feel free to follow along with me.

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November 15, 2010

Announcement: Top 10 things you need to know about Acrobat

On Wednesday this week, I will be presenting the Topic of the Month for I’m going to review the hands-on booklet we created for the Acrobat X Test Drive Lab at Adobe MAX 2010.
I’ll be distributing the instructions and sample files so you can follow along. And I’ll have a couple of additional surprises as well. Hope to see you there!

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Hola from Mexico City

Today I am in Mexico City and had the pleasure to present Acrobat X to a group of customers and talk with local news outlets.
The local team has created an Acrobat Mexico facebook page and an Acrobat Mexico twitter account where we saw some great feedback.

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October 19, 2010

I Didn’t Know Acrobat Could Do That!

We have a new page on – 10 things I bet you didn’t know Acrobat could do!.
This is my top 10 things I want to share we people so they’ll get more out of their Acrobat investment.
I’ll be publishing these as a countdown over the next few days.

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October 18, 2010

Announcing Acrobat X

So, we’ve announced Acrobat X (pronounced “acrobat ten”) and there’s tons of information on the web now for you review to learn all about our latest version of my favorite product!

1. Please see the Acrobat blog and Acrobat twitter account – for the latest news including comments from Kevin M Lynch, our VP and GM of the Acrobat business.
2. I’m happy to introduce two new shows on Adobe TV
Acrobat X Tips & Tricks : this show currently has 14 episodes to help you learn about working with Acrobat X (and stay tuned… we’ll have lots more when Acrobat X is available)
I Didn’t Know Acrobat Could Do That! : Very near and dear to my heart, this 10-part series (get it – Acrobat X = 10 episodes) introduces 10 things I bet you didn’t know Acrobat could do – #10 is live now (Adobe SendNow) and the other 9 episodes will roll out over the coming days. Be sure to subscribe to keep up to date on the newest episode.
3. Are you interested in seeing a live presentation on Acrobat X? Well, on Tuesday (10/19) and Thursday (10/21) this week, the Acrobat Enablement Team (Ali H, Joel G, and I) will be hosting two eSeminars at We’d love to have you join us – or if you can’t make it at that time – we’ll be recording it.

Stay tuned for more updated information on Acrobat X!

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August 12, 2010

Get a customized PDF Portfolio template for free!

I’m excited to announce that we recently launched a new service on to allow anyone to request a set of 3 customized PDF Portfolio templates. All you have to do is upload your organization’s logo – and we’ll do the rest. Our designers will create 3 layouts (slider, carousel, and cover flow), post them on, and send you an email when they’re ready!

Take a look – send us your logo – and you will “wow” your co-workers and customers.

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June 16, 2009

Adobe MAX 2009

Registration is open and the MAX scheduler is live. I’ll be presenting a 90-minute lab again this year entitled “I Didn’t Know Acrobat Could Do That!” in response to multiple requests from customers and developers that were unaware of what is possible with Acrobat 9. In addition to this hands-on lab, there will be lots of other Acrobat sessions.
We’re lucky to have Harry Hemus of Dividi Projects joining us to talk about creating rich, interactive PDF documents. Harry has created some very cool presentations, including one for David Gilmour‘s Live in Gdańsk project, and Harry’s story is currently a featured video on the Acrobat home page.

Adobe MAX 2009. I’m going, will you?

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February 3, 2009

Announcement: 2 for 2 — Acrobat Wins “New Product of the Year” from Law Technology News

Monday night, Law Technology News held their annual awards, and (drum roll please)… Acrobat won again for the category “New Product of the Year”. I’m excited about this honor, and the reaffirmation that Acrobat is the best product on the market for legal professionals. Rick Borstein hosts a great blog for legal professionals with tips, tricks, podcasts and demos to enable you to discover all that Acrobat can offer.

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December 10, 2008

Adobe Adobe PDF iFilter 9 (64-bit version) available for download

Adobe PDF iFilter is a free utility to allow searching and indexing of PDF documents when using MSFT Indexing technology.

The latest update, which will work with 64-bit systems, is now available for download. Full details and supported configurations are outlined on the download page.

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June 25, 2008

Acrobat 9 is now available!

I feel like we’ve all just had a baby… I guess we did and we called it Acrobat 9.

So… just the facts, ma’am…

  1. If you want to try it out now… please visit
  2. If you want to buy it now, feel free to stop by the Adobe Online Store,or call your reseller.
  3. If you want to learn more you have a few options:

OK – you have either purchased Acrobat 9 or you have downloaded the trial and you want to learn more about using Acrobat — we have some great new how-to videos posted in the Adobe Video Workshop

Enjoy! Acrobat 9 is going to amaze you, really…

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