ColdFusion Cookbook – find and share code recipes

Some delectable news for all ColdFusion fans – especially, if you haven’t visited the Adobe Cookbooks page lately.

The Adobe Cookbooks application now has a dedicated ColdFusion Cookbook serving ColdFusion code recipes. And in less than two months, we’ve already crossed over a hundred recipes.

The ColdFusion Cookbook now makes it simple as ever to browse, view, and search for ColdFusion code recipes. If you don’t find a code recipe that you’re looking for, you can just request for that recipe. With the combined knowledge of the ColdFusion community and experts, it shouldn’t be long before the recipe you requested for is dished up.

To create or request a recipe, all you need is a valid Adobe ID. If you don’t have one, please take a few moments to register. To know additional details about the new Adobe Cookbooks application, read through this post in The ADC Blog.

So, here’s urging every ColdFusion developer out there to participate in this community application – be it by contributing, requesting, commenting, or rating the code recipes. As always, we greatly appreciate each and everyone’s participation!

Akbarsait pointed out that there’s another contest running to encourage cookbook contributions – and once a target of 200 contributions is reached, there’s going to be another drawing, with yet another chance to win more prizes! Details of the contest at Akbarsait’s blog:

So, what are you’ll waiting for?


2 Responses to ColdFusion Cookbook – find and share code recipes

  1. Akbarsait says:

    Hi Malika,I’m running a contest for reaching 200 entries in ColdFusion Cookbook. More information here – Akbar

  2. Mallika Yelandur says:

    Thanks, Akbar. I updated the post with details about the contest.