ColdFusion docs now have version pods

If you’ve been visiting the ColdFusion Help pages lately, the version pods should have caught your eye.  To begin with, let me explain what a version pod is – a version pod looks like a sticky note and contains links to other versions of the documentation.


A version pod lets you quickly navigate between different versions of the documentation – all from within the Help system. For example, if you’re in the ColdFusion 8 Help system, the version pod will offer you links to ColdFusion 9 and ColdFusion 7 documentation.


If you find the pod distracting, you can simply hide the pod – by clicking the little triangle highlighted below, and, presto, the pod’s hidden! Clicking the triangle again, unhides the pod.



One Response to ColdFusion docs now have version pods

  1. Oleksiy says:

    Do Version Pods require translation.localization when sent as part of the handout?