Adobe Community Help Client – Search tips

Search is key to the Adobe Community Help Client (CHC).  You can specify various search and filter options in the CHC and search across different Help packages and search locations.

Select Help > ColdFusion Builder Help to launch the Adobe Community Help Client. In the CHC, click Search Options to display the following Search locations:



Local Help – Use this option to search the Help packages downloaded to your desktop. Click Filter Results to narrow down your search results to a specific book in the Help package.


Note that you can search Local Help only if the downloaded Help packages are fully downloaded. A good way to check if the Help packages are downloaded is by going to Edit > Preferences > Local Content. The status for the ColdFusion Builder and ColdFusion docs should read as “Current”. – Use this option to search for reference content across all online resources available on, including Developer Center articles, tutorials, and knowledgebase articles.

Community Help – This search is cumulative of all the resources available on as well as the most relevant content contributed by experts from the Adobe community.

Happy searching!

One Response to Adobe Community Help Client – Search tips

  1. Michael Borbor says:

    Dear Mallika.I’m trying the ACH app, it’s a great app by the way, but Im having an issue with it, the app has downloaded all the help packages and display current in the Local Content tab, but I can’t use local search. It appears disabled. Could you please tell me if I need to do something else in order to use local help?Thanks.