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Connecting Content and Community in the Cloud : Want to know More?

…about Adobe’s vision for Community Help in the coming years?

…about what Help will mean and look like when we move from the desktop to the tablet to the cloud?

…about a shared social learning experience that can blur the boundaries between “inspiration & instruction” and “content & community”?

If you answered Yes to even one of the questions above, make sure that you book your seat at the Social Studies: Connecting Content and Community in the Cloud session at Adobe MAX 2011.

In this session, Luanne Seymour, Senior Instructional Designer at Adobe, and Jaydeep Dutta, Experience Design Manager at Adobe, take you through a fascinating journey of exploring three trends that are currently sweeping the digital world: tablets moving from content consumption to creation, increasingly pervasive social features, and everything shifting to the cloud. Learn more about how UX Design and Content & Community come together to take advantage of these three trends and envision a compelling Community Help experience for designers and developers.

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