Five FAQs about offline Help for Creative Suite 6

This post is to help clarify some of the most commonly asked questions about downloading and viewing offline Help for CS6 . I’m writing this post in an FAQ format to ensure that I don’t just ramble on and miss any important details.

1. How does offline Help for CS6 work?

You can access CS6 Help offline as downloadable PDFs.

The very first time you launch Help (press F1 or select Help > Product Name Help) from your Adobe CS6 product, the Adobe Help manager launches in the background and checks for the availability of new or updated content. Note that you need to be connected to the Internet for the Help manager to perform this check.

If no new content is available, the Adobe Help manager will shut down until the next time you select Help.

If new content is found, a small pop-up notification will be displayed on your desktop (usually in the lower-right corner of your screen) like this:


2. How can I download the CS6 Reference PDF to my computer?

If the Adobe Help manager finds new content, you see a small pop-up notification. When you click the notification message, the Help Manager launches and displays all the content available for download (under Local Content). The content available for download is indicated by a “Pending Download” status like this. 


You just have to select the CS6 Reference PDF that you want to download and click the Update button. Once the PDF is downloaded, the status changes to “Current“.

3. I’m using more than one CS6 product, can I download the reference PDFs for all these products at once?

Yes, you can.

To do so, go to the Download Preferences panel in the Adobe Help Manager, select the products for which you wish to have offline Help content available, and click Done.


Then, launch Adobe Help Manager, go to the General Settings panel, and click the Download button:

Important: The total download size for all of the available content is displayed. Large updates may take several minutes or more to download. For example, if you have CS6 Master Collection installed, it make take you some time to download PDFs for all the products in the suite.  During the download, the status of the PDF being downloaded (under Local content) is shown as “Queued“.

4. Can I view CS6 Help even when I don’t have access to the Internet?

Yes, you can, provided you’ve downloaded the required PDFs to your computer. When Internet access is not available, the Help Manager automatically switches to offline help. When you press F1 or select Help > Product Name Help from your Adobe CS6 product, the downloaded PDF opens.

 5. Can I set offline Help as my default?

If you prefer to have your Adobe products use the locally installed Help PDF by default, select Yes for Display Local Help Content Only in the General Settings panel of the Adobe Help Manager.


By doing so, the downloaded CS6 reference PDFs will be displayed even when you are connected to the Internet.



5 Responses to Five FAQs about offline Help for Creative Suite 6

  1. Thanks for the online help on offline help haha. Sometimes the help functions on programs can get you in more touble or be more frustrating than they are worth. It’s good to see that you are spending some time clarifying it.

  2. Munir Elias says:

    I have the CS6 and the adobe help manager and showing the pending download for about 650 Mb but the update is grayed and not functioning. What to do exactly to fix such bug.

    • Mallika Yelandur says:

      Hi, Munir –
      This thread on the Community Help Application forum seems to discuss a similar issue:

      Do try the troubleshooting tips mentioned in that thread, and let me know if it helps solve your issue.

      Best regards,
      Mallika Yelandur
      Adobe Community Help & Learning

  3. Joyce Deckler says:

    Adobe Help Manager seems hopelessly confused. I think you should scrap the whole thing and try something else.

  4. Dave P says:

    I am running CS6 on a standalone Win 7 workstation in a classified environment.

    When I run Adobe Help and look at the “status” for local help, it shows up as Not Available.

    What can I do to download the pdf files for Adobe Help to use because this workstation will never will be connected to the internet?

    Where would I copy these pdf files?