Introducing Project “Monocle”

Project “Monocle” is a new memory profiling tool from Adobe to profile ActionScript applications (Flash Player on the desktop) and mobile applications (that run on Adobe AIR). 

Monocle uses the Telemetry feature to help you profile your Flash content. Telemetry works inside the internals of the Flash runtime, beyond the ActionScript level, and sends data to Monocle. Monocle then parses the data and displays it clearly and concisely.

Monocle is based on the Telemetry feature, which runs on the release version of Flash Player. So, you do not need the debugger version of Flash Player to use Monocle. You can, therefore, profile your content even in a release version of the build, making this especially helpful in tracking down a memory leak or fine-tuning the performance of a released application.

 To see Monocle in action, watch this video by Adobe’s Thibault Imbert:

Configuring Project “Monocle” with Flash Builder 4.7 (Beta)

 You can configure Project “Monocle” with Flash Builder 4.7 to profile your ActionScript applications. To get started, you need the following: 

  • Flash Player 11.3 or a higher version (stand-alone or plug-in) and Adobe AIR 3.3 or a higher version
  • Flash Builder 4.7 Beta (available on Adobe Labs)
  • Project “Monocle” (available on the Monocle Prerelease Program; you need to sign up to get access to the prerelease program)

 To learn more about configuring Monocle with Flash Builder, see Using Project “Monocle” with Flash Builder.

9 Responses to Introducing Project “Monocle”

  1. It’s looks very well!!

    I’ve a question, Monocle will work with Flex and Mobile applications too, or only for ActionScript/Air projects?


    • Mallika Yelandur says:

      Hi, Andres –
      In Flash Builder 4.7, Monocle is supported only for ActionScript projects (Flash on desktop) and ActionScript mobile projects (that run on Adobe AIR).


      • Monocle works with any Actionscript 3 flash application, which includes apps written in Flex.

        • Marcus Fritze says:


          I think this is not 100% correct. As far as I know, the advanced telemetry currently only works with ActionScript projects (not Flex projects).

        • Marcus Fritze says:

          Sorry, I was wrong!

          The advanced telemetry is also working in my Flex project (build with Flash Builder 4.6 and the provided python script).

      • Thanks for clarify that!

      • Marcus Fritze says:

        Is it planed to support Flex projects as well (not only ActionScript projects)?

        Monocle is looking very very good. Thanks for that cool application. And I am getting some informations about my Flex project. But the advanced telemetry would be nice for optimization of the Flex project.



  2. stuit says:

    That is awesome, I really can’t wait to try it.

    But I can’t seem to start the profiling. Can you help?

    I’m making FlashPlayer project on FlashBuilder 4.7
    put compiler settings as follows: -locale en_US -swf-version=17 -advanced-telemetry (also tried -advanced-telemetry=true)
    running the project, but monocle doesn’t reacts.
    surely there is something I missing here.

    System OS is Win7 x64
    AIR 3.4 and FlashPlayer 11.4

    Thanks in advance.

    • Mallika Yelandur says:

      Hi, stuit –
      I’m assuming you signed up on the Monocle Prerelease Program ( to get access to Project “Monocle”.

      Please do post your questions to the Monocle prerelease forums, and you’ll be sure to get a response from the engineers on that forum.

      Hope this helps,