Adobe Kuler gets even Kuler – New Beta update!


A new Beta version of the Kuler web app is available now. And the good news is that it includes the top three features requested by our users.

 Note: If you want a quick introduction to Adobe Kuler, you can check out my earlier post.

New features

Extract color themes from an image
The original Kuler web app included the ability to extract a theme from an image. That feature is back!

Just click the camera icon in the upper right corner of the Create page and choose a photo from your library.












Color wheel available in two sizes
You now have the flexibility to use a large or small color wheel as required. With a click, you can make the wheel larger when you need it and smaller when you don’t.

Slimmer borders around individual colors in a theme
To enable you to see more of each color and the play and interaction between them, the borders around individual colors in a theme have been reduced.


Know more

To try out the new Beta features and know more, head straight to the Creative Layer blog: We’ll be waiting to hear your feedback! You can chime in with your thoughts at the Kuler forums.

2 Responses to Adobe Kuler gets even Kuler – New Beta update!

  1. Kay Guenther says:

    Why did you make the color palette panel collapsible? What’s the purpose in doing this? In the beta version, It won’t remain expanded unless the cursor is positioned over the panel. If my mouse moves the slightest bit, the panel collapses again. This is annoying and doesn’t give me time to note the different color codes. In addition, I screen print the entire color palette and codes to retain in my client’s files.