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Creative Cloud Jan 2014 release | What’s New and Changed

Last week, there was some BIG news from the Adobe world. We had a major update to Creative Cloud with several new features across our core Design tools — Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Read on for a quick introduction to the new features of this release and links to resources offering more information.

photoshop_2xPhotoshop CC


3D Printing capabilities –  The powerful and new 3D printing features in Photoshop CC let you create, refine, preview, and print your 3D designs to a 3D printer. Watch Stephen Nielson, Photoshop Product Manager, demonstrate the 3D printing features in this video.

Linked Smart Objects  Linked Smart Objects, one of the niftiest features of this release, makes it easier than ever for designers to work on collaborative projects. Using linked smart objects, you can use and share objects across multiple Photoshop documents. This feature is  extremely useful for teams to reuse assets across designs, helping you reduce file size, time, and errors.

Watch Julieanne Kost, Principal Evangelist for Photoshop and Lightroom, gives a demo of this feature. We also have a quick tutorial that lets you try out this feature.

Perspective Warp – The Perspective Warp feature lets you easily manipulate perspective distortion in parts of your image while keeping other areas of your image intact. This feature is also useful in compositing multiple objects into a single image. Andrew Trice from Adobe explains this feature in good detail in this blog post. You can also try out Perspective Warp using this tutorial.

Learn more – Besides these key features, there are a many more enhancements and new features as described in this What’s New article.

There are also several JDI (Just Do It) features that make a big difference to your productivity in using Photoshop. Read more about the JDIs in John Nack’s blog post , and also watch this very awesome Hidden Gems in Photoshop CC video by Julieanne Kost.

You can also check out all the training videos for Photoshop CC on Creative Cloud Learn.


illustrator_mnemonicIllustrator CC


The update to Illustrator CC brings powerful new tools and functionality including precise drawing and typography tools. Adobe’s Rufus Deuchler provides a quick tour of all the new features.

Live Corners – The new Live Corners feature lets you easily edit the corners of shapes and paths in your artwork. To know more about this feature, see this Help article. You can also get a hands-on experience of this feature by trying out this tutorial.

Using Typekit fonts –  When you sync Typekit fonts to your computer through the Creative Cloud application, you can view your Typekit fonts from within Illustrator CC.  The fonts that you have subscribed to on Typekit appear alongside locally installed fonts. Read more about using Typekit fonts in Illustrator CC.

Enhanced Pencil Tool The Pencil Tool offers improvements in several areas, like curve-fitting, auto-closing of paths, etc., making it more intuitive to draw in Illustrator. For detailed information on this feature, see this article.

Path Segment Reshape – The Path Segment Reshape feature lets you quickly and easily modify existing objects and change the view of perspective drawings. Try out this tutorial to use the new Pencil Tool and the Path Segment Reshape feature.

Learn more – The What’s New article for Illustrator CC provides all the details of the new and changed features in this release.

You can also check out all the training videos for Illustrator CC on Creative Cloud Learn.


indesign_mnemonicInDesign CC


EPUB enhancements – InDesign CC now supports for EPUB 3.0 specification including new ways to add interactivity to eBooks, like adding pop-up footnotes, greater control over EPUB export, and more.  For detailed information, watch this video.

Using Typekit fonts –  Like Illustrator CC, InDesign also lets you sync Typekit fonts to your computer through the Creative Cloud application.  This Help article provides you step-by-step details to use Typekit fonts in InDesign. You can also see this video to know more.

Simplified hyperlink creation – InDesign CC makes it incredibly easy to create and edit hyperlinks. In this video, Rufus Deuchler shows you how you can easily manage hyperlinks in InDesign CC.

Learn more – For a complete list of the new features in this release, see the What’s New article for InDesign CC.

You can also check out all the training videos for InDesign CC on Creative Cloud Learn.