A look back at the 2014 releases of Premiere Pro CC


2014 is coming to an end, and I would be remiss to not post a recap of the Premiere Pro CC releases that went out this year.

As I sit down to list the features, I’m again blown away by the incredible number of features and enhancements that were packed into the Premiere Pro CC releases this year  – all of it making video editing easier, faster, and that much more integrated with Adobe’s other pro video apps.



The features that stand out for me are the new masking and tracking features and Live Text templates, providing tighter integration with After Effects; the powerful Master Clip effects; cross-platform support for the GoPro CineForm codec; powerful search enhancements including advanced Timeline search; a noticeably cleaner and modernized user interface; and several features that enhance everyday editing tasks.

I know it’s hard to pick a handful of features when there’s so much goodness packed into each release. So, I’m listing top features from each release and pointing you to resources that give you complete information.


 New features summary








For more information, see the detailed New Features Summary (Oct-Dec 2014)













For more information, see the detailed New Features Summary (June-July 2014).


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