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Survey on ColdFusion

The ColdFusion team has put together a survey that gives you an opportunity to provide your feedback on ColdFusion 9. The survey also lets you indicate you wish list for the next version of ColdFusion.

So, don’t wait any longer, just visit the URL below, and provide your feedback. The entire survey should take not more than a couple of minutes.

Cumulative Hot Fix 1 for ColdFusion 9 released

The first cumulative hot fix for ColdFusion 9 is released. See the technote for details.

Security Bulletin for ColdFusion

Just wanted to bring to your attention that an important security bulletin for ColdFusion 9 has been published at: 


Solution is available for potential ColdFusion information disclosure issue.

ColdFusion Cookbook – find and share code recipes

Some delectable news for all ColdFusion fans – especially, if you haven’t visited the Adobe Cookbooks page lately.

The Adobe Cookbooks application now has a dedicated ColdFusion Cookbook serving ColdFusion code recipes. And in less than two months, we’ve already crossed over a hundred recipes.

The ColdFusion Cookbook now makes it simple as ever to browse, view, and search for ColdFusion code recipes. If you don’t find a code recipe that you’re looking for, you can just request for that recipe. With the combined knowledge of the ColdFusion community and experts, it shouldn’t be long before the recipe you requested for is dished up.

To create or request a recipe, all you need is a valid Adobe ID. If you don’t have one, please take a few moments to register. To know additional details about the new Adobe Cookbooks application, read through this post in The ADC Blog.

So, here’s urging every ColdFusion developer out there to participate in this community application – be it by contributing, requesting, commenting, or rating the code recipes. As always, we greatly appreciate each and everyone’s participation!

Akbarsait pointed out that there’s another contest running to encourage cookbook contributions – and once a target of 200 contributions is reached, there’s going to be another drawing, with yet another chance to win more prizes! Details of the contest at Akbarsait’s blog:

So, what are you’ll waiting for?


ColdFusion functions summary

This post is prompted by a user comment in the Adobe ColdFusion 9 CFML Reference asking for a single page listing all the ColdFusion functions.


Here’s a link to an HTML page that contains all the ColdFusion functions listed alphabetically:

A quick Ctrl+F on the page can help you search for a particular function. The ColdFusion functions are linked to the relevant Help pages in the CFML Ref.


ColdFusion docs now have version pods

If you’ve been visiting the ColdFusion Help pages lately, the version pods should have caught your eye.  To begin with, let me explain what a version pod is – a version pod looks like a sticky note and contains links to other versions of the documentation.


A version pod lets you quickly navigate between different versions of the documentation – all from within the Help system. For example, if you’re in the ColdFusion 8 Help system, the version pod will offer you links to ColdFusion 9 and ColdFusion 7 documentation.


If you find the pod distracting, you can simply hide the pod – by clicking the little triangle highlighted below, and, presto, the pod’s hidden! Clicking the triangle again, unhides the pod.



ColdFusion 9 docs have a new home

Over the past few days, several people have gone looking for the ColdFusion 9 documentation at the Help Resource Center (the erstwhile home of the ColdFusion docs).


This post is to point out that while the Help Resource Center  continues to house the ColdFusion 8 docs, the ColdFusion 9 docs are not available there. And that’s because the ColdFusion 9 docs have a brand new home at the ColdFusion Help & Support (H&S) page.


While one may notice the obvious sections and links in the ColdFusion H&S page, I’d like to take a moment to point out other useful links that may be missed at first glance.



OLHButton.jpg takes you to the online version of the CFML Reference. And within the online Help system, in the top left panel, you will notice a bunch of links to all other ColdFusion 9 docs.  


On the right panel of the ColdFusion H&S page, clicking DEVELOPER DOCUMENTATION, displays links to HTML and PDF versions of the ColdFusion 9 documentation.




Clicking ADDITIONAL HELP displays links to ColdFusion 8 documentation, and other related content.





And there are several more such useful nuggets of information in the ColdFusion Help & Support  page. So, happy exploring!

The Power of ColdFusion ORM

Read this very interesting Adobe DevNet article (by Mark Ellis from Adobe) that talks of how you can leverage the power of ColdFusion ORM along with other Adobe technologies to build an enterprise micro-blogging solution.

The article also contains a link to a recorded MAX 2009 session on Adobe TV, where you can learn more! 

Before you deep-dive into the article, if you are looking for a primer on ColdFusion ORM, be sure to read through the ColdFusion ORM topic in the ColdFusion Developer Guide. It should help you get on to a better start!

ColdFusion 9 documentation and learning resources

ColdFusion 9 was officially released on October 5th.  And to get you started with ColdFusion 9, we have a host of resources to offer.


First and foremost is the ColdFusion Help and Support (H&S) page. This page is a one-stop shop for docs, videos, tutorials, blogs, featured articles, and all information related to ColdFusion.



For a quick overview of the new features of this release, see What’s New in ColdFusion 9 .



All ColdFusion 9 documentation is available online both in HTML and PDF format.


  • Installing Adobe ColdFusion 9 (HTML | PDF)

    Guides you through the installation and basic configuration of ColdFusion 9 for Windows, Macintosh, Solaris, Linux, and AIX platforms.

  • Configuring and Administering Adobe ColdFusion 9 (HTML | PDF) – This book provides detailed information about performing ColdFusion administration tasks like managing server settings, configuring datasources, managing security, deploying ColdFusion applications, and more.

  • Adobe ColdFusion 9 CFML Reference (HTML | PDF)Read this book for descriptions, syntax, usage, and code examples for all ColdFusion tags, functions, and variables.

    For the list of new tags in ColdFusion 9, see New Tags in ColdFusion 9.
    For the list of new functions in ColdFusion 9, see New Functions in ColdFusion 9.

  • Developing Adobe ColdFusion 9 Applications (HTML | PDF)  This book provides detailed information about ColdFusion features, such as ColdFusion ORM, AJAX, Flex and AIR integration, integration with other products and technologies such as Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and SharePoint.
  • Adobe ColdFusion 9 Language Reference (HTML) Provides syntax and usage information for the ActionScript language elements, core libraries, and component packages and classes for ColdFusion.

The slick commenting feature lets you add and view comments to all the documentation. So, happy reading, and keep the comments coming in!