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Introducing Project “Monocle”

Project “Monocle” is a new memory profiling tool from Adobe to profile ActionScript applications (Flash Player on the desktop) and mobile applications (that run on Adobe AIR). 

Monocle uses the Telemetry feature to help you profile your Flash content. Telemetry works inside the internals of the Flash runtime, beyond the ActionScript level, and sends data to Monocle. Monocle then parses the data and displays it clearly and concisely.

Monocle is based on the Telemetry feature, which runs on the release version of Flash Player. So, you do not need the debugger version of Flash Player to use Monocle. You can, therefore, profile your content even in a release version of the build, making this especially helpful in tracking down a memory leak or fine-tuning the performance of a released application.

 To see Monocle in action, watch this video by Adobe’s Thibault Imbert:

Configuring Project “Monocle” with Flash Builder 4.7 (Beta)

 You can configure Project “Monocle” with Flash Builder 4.7 to profile your ActionScript applications. To get started, you need the following: 

  • Flash Player 11.3 or a higher version (stand-alone or plug-in) and Adobe AIR 3.3 or a higher version
  • Flash Builder 4.7 Beta (available on Adobe Labs)
  • Project “Monocle” (available on the Monocle Prerelease Program; you need to sign up to get access to the prerelease program)

 To learn more about configuring Monocle with Flash Builder, see Using Project “Monocle” with Flash Builder.

Flash Builder 4.7 Beta now available!

We are excited to announce the availability of Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 Beta on Adobe Labs

Highlights of the Flash Builder 4.7 beta include: 

Support for Apache Flex SDK
Flash Builder 4.7 supports Apache Flex 4.8 in addition to Adobe Flex 4.6 and Adobe Flex 3.6.  For information on how to get Apache Flex SDKs for use in Flash Builder, see

New complier support for ActionScript Projects
Flash Builder 4.7 supports a new compiler for Action Script projects.  You should see a significant improvement in your compile time with the new compiler. 

Support for creating ActionScript Workers
Flash Builder 4.7 supports multi-thread ActionScript programing by letting you run an ActionScript program as a worker. A worker runs in parallel to the main ActionScript program, and can communicate with the main ActionScript program and other ActionScript workers. This feature helps developers create more responsive games and applications by offloading tasks and computations to background workers. These workers run concurrently to leverage more machine resources, making your game-play more responsive.

For more information on creating and using an ActionScript worker, see Using ActionScript workers.

Support for Apple iOS on-device deployment (USB), simulator testing, and debugging
Flash Builder 4.7 provides improved AIR for iOS app development workflows with support for USB debugging, ad-hoc app deployment, and support for the iOS simulator. For more information, see Test and debug an iOS application on a simulator and Test and debug an application on an iOS device.

Configuring multiple build targets for multi-screen projects
You can configure and persist multiple build targets for each of your mobile target platforms. For more information, see Support for multiple build targets

Support for customizing ADT and ADL
You can customize parameter values before packaging the application using the AIR Debug Launcher (ADL) and before launching the application using the AIR Developer Tool (ADT).For more information, see Customize ADL and ADT parameter values.

Enhanced Developer Productivity Features 
Organize Imports: Manage, add and consolidate imports in your project. For more information, see Organize imports statements.

New Quick Assist features:

  • Assign parameter to new/existing field
  • Convert local variable to parameter
  • Create new local variable with cast type
  • Add else/else-if/catch/finally block
  • Convert anonymous to named function
  • Replace conditional with ‘if-else’
  • Real time error highlighting using Falcon compiler

For more information, see Quick Assist.

So, go ahead and download the Flash Builder4.7 beta and try out all these exciting new features! We look forward to your feedback, and should you run into any issues, you can report them here .



Flash Builder Tips & Tricks

The Flash Builder 4.5 release introduced many new features including several coding productivity features. And to help you be more productive with Flash Builder, we put together a Flash Builder Tips & Tricks article on Adobe Dev Center that contains several simple and effective tips and timesaving shortcuts.

Do check out the article, and please let us know if there are any other tips that you find useful and we may not have covered!

Getting Started with Preview Releases of Flex SDK “Hero”, Flash Builder “Burrito”, and Flash Catalyst “Panini”

Straight off the press! – you can now download the public preview releases of the next versions of the Flex SDK, Flash Builder, and Flash Catalyst on Adobe Labs.

 The Flexteam Blog post describes the releases in good detail. But, here’s a quick list of links to various learning resources to help you get started:

 Intro articles written by the product managers 

 Samples, tutorials, and videos  

 Updated product documentation

 In the next few posts, I’ll be deep-diving into the features and their associated documentation. Until then, download the preview releases of all three products from Adobe Labs and get started!

ColdFusion Builder, Flash Builder 4, and Flex 4 released!

It’s been just a few minutes since ColdFusion Builder, Flash Builder 4, and Flex 4 hit the market.


ColdFusion Builder – The new and highly customizable Eclipse™-based IDE that enables developers to build ColdFusion applications faster than ever before. It also allows developers to save time by managing the entire ColdFusion development cycle from concept to production with one easy-to-use tool. The integration between ColdFusion Builder and Flash Builder makes it fast and easy for ColdFusion developers to create Flex applications.


Flash Builder 4 – There are over 90 new features in this release, and you can use them with both Flex 3 and Flex 4 to gain big improvements in development time, integration and building more expressive apps.


Flex 4 – This release of Flex includes the new Spark skinning and component architecture enabling a new level of expressiveness in RIAs, in addition to supporting the new Flash Catalyst-to-Flash Builder workflow.


My next set of posts will be focusing on the ColdFusion Builder release and covering more details, so stay tuned!