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Adobe Video Apps Updated – What’s New and Changed


A quick post before the year ends about the latest update to Adobe’s Digital Video apps. Read on for a quick overview of the top features in the 2014.2 update with links to resources offering more information.


Adobe Premiere Pro CC

  • GoPro CineForm codec support enhancements
  • Support for ARRI Open Gate media
  • Improved scrubbing and shuttling in long GOP MXF files
  • Ability to set transitions and still image default durations in seconds or frames
  • A large number of bug fixes

For more information, see this blog post.


Adobe After Effects CC

  • Scripting improvements for text layers
  • New keyframe icons
  • Expression access to dynamic layer bounds, including text layers
  • Several bug fixes

For more information, see this blog post.


Adobe Media Encoder CC

  • Destination Publishing to YouTube and Vimeo
  • Updated Vimeo presets
  • Updated GoPro CineForm presets
  • Ability to abort an encode if a decode error is detected
  • Export channels as separate WAV files
  • Important bug fixes

For more information, see this blog post.



Adobe SpeedGrade CC

  • Improved usability of Color Wheels
  • Master Clip remains selected when the Playhead moves onto a new clip
  • Warning that alerts users when a GPU with insufficient capacity (1GB of VRAM or less) is used for high resolution footage
  • Several bug fixes

For more information, see this blog post.


Adobe Audition CC

  • Several bug fixes
  • Fixes for several potential crash scenarios

For more information, see this blog post.


Adobe Prelude CC

  • Features enhancements and a number of fixes

For more information, see this blog post.



Adobe Story CC Plus

  • Template customizations
  • Critical bug fixes

For more information, see this Help article.

Meet Adobe Premiere Clip



Adobe announced a bunch of new mobile apps at the Adobe MAX 2014 keynote. And one of the shiny new stars that made its debut is:

 Adobe Premiere Clip – a  mobile app for video editing on the go!



Premiere Clip turns your mobile video shots into amazing movies right on your iPhone or iPad. You can capture the essence of a moment and use Premiere Clip to transform your clips into a high-quality movie replete with cinema-quality color treatment and awesome audio — all in just a few taps!

And what’s even better is that the magic of Creative Cloud lets Premiere Clip automatically sync media on all of your devices.  If you’d like to do more advanced editing, you just have to export the movie to your Adobe Creative Cloud account and  work on it later in Premiere Pro CC.

Sounds magical, right? Watch Meagan Keane demo Premiere Clip, and you’ll agree with me.

Downloading Premiere Clip is quick and easy. Just head to the Apps store to download Premiere Clip. But, before you get started, I’d encourage you to check out these handy resources:

I had a lot of fun creating my first Premiere Clip video for “National Cat Day”.








I’m sure you too will enjoy Premiere Clip! Do remember to share your videos on Twitter by including #MadeWithClip.


Help & Tutorial | Editing After Effects text templates in Premiere Pro


Animated lower-thirds provide a nice touch of professional style and appeal to your videos.

The tighter integration of After Effects and Premiere Pro in the 2014 release of Creative Cloud makes editing text in After Effects templates easier than ever before.

The “Live Text Templates” feature lets you edit, duplicate, or modify an After Effects template right inside Premiere Pro’s timeline. The neat thing about this feature is that you can modify the text without altering the imagery or graphics surrounding the text.

Read through the detailed Help article and try the step-by-step tutorial with sample files to learn more about the feature.

edit-live-text-1408x792Help article: Live Text Templates 

Learn to import and edit animated text motion graphics created in After Effects within Premiere Pro.

Step-by-step tutorial with sample files

The tutorial provides you sample files to try out the Live Text Templates feature for yourself.

Security update: Hotfixes available for ColdFusion

The title pretty much says it all. See the security bulletin for details. 

Celebrating 20 years of Photoshop!



There are a number of exciting activities going on worldwide to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Photoshop. You can be a part of the celebrations:


  • Watch the live streaming of the 20th Aniversary celebrations from San Francisco.  The webcast starts at 7:30 pm Pacific Time (10:30 EST).



  • Watch the Special Layer Tennis Match, Photoshop 20th Edition live today – featuring two designers plus running commentary by John Nack. Click here for details.