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ColdFusion 9 docs have a new home

Over the past few days, several people have gone looking for the ColdFusion 9 documentation at the Help Resource Center (the erstwhile home of the ColdFusion docs).


This post is to point out that while the Help Resource Center  continues to house the ColdFusion 8 docs, the ColdFusion 9 docs are not available there. And that’s because the ColdFusion 9 docs have a brand new home at the ColdFusion Help & Support (H&S) page.


While one may notice the obvious sections and links in the ColdFusion H&S page, I’d like to take a moment to point out other useful links that may be missed at first glance.



OLHButton.jpg takes you to the online version of the CFML Reference. And within the online Help system, in the top left panel, you will notice a bunch of links to all other ColdFusion 9 docs.  


On the right panel of the ColdFusion H&S page, clicking DEVELOPER DOCUMENTATION, displays links to HTML and PDF versions of the ColdFusion 9 documentation.




Clicking ADDITIONAL HELP displays links to ColdFusion 8 documentation, and other related content.





And there are several more such useful nuggets of information in the ColdFusion Help & Support  page. So, happy exploring!