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Adobe Story

Another new addition to Adobe Labs is Adobe Story. Designed for creative professionals, producers, and writers working on or with scripts and screenplays, the preview version will let customers try out a few of the scriptwriting tools that will be part of the overall features in the final version of Story.

Story will be the new starting point in the pre-production phase of a planning-to-playback workflow thanks to tight integration with future versions of Adobe’s production toolset. Script information in Story will be transformed into relevant metadata that will flow through the production process to automate the creation of shooting scripts, shot lists, rough-cuts, and more.

So in addition to being a screenwriting tool, Story’s future integration with Adobe’s production toolset will help creative professionals deliver more engaging experiences, while also enabling huge efficiencies in pre-production, production, and post-production. The scriptwriting features in the preview version of Adobe Story are just the beginning!

To access the preview, go to:
To see a demo of Adobe Story, go to:


This week I have mostly, well entirely so far, been at Flash On The Beach in Brighton. For those of you not in the know, Flash On The Beach is an annual event for the Flash user community, with speakers galore, ‘Inspired Sessions’, workshops… and parties!
Previous years have been dominated by the developer community, but this year there have been a much higher attendance by designers. Which is a good thing. This has probably been fueled by the introduction of Flash Catalyst to the community. Mark Anders gave and introduction to FC in his session. Basically, Flash Catalyst is for building interactive applications and content… without coding. You are able to import Photoshop, Illustrator or FXG files directly, and start converting the layers and elements into Flash components. Try it by downloading the beta version, along with tutorial files here.
Being stuck on the Adobe stand most of the time, I didn’t manage to see nearly enough of the sessions, but one I did get to was by, Laura Jordan Bambach, Executive Creative Director at LBi. Her talk was titled ‘The Death of the Creative Director’. The theme was really around how traditional creativity has been superseded by the innovative use of technology for audience generation. Some really cool examples like the Axion Banner Concerts show how tying together simple and cheap ideas with technology can produce award winning campaigns. Examples on YouTube here. Fantastic stuff.
I spoke to some of the delegates about what they were getting out of the conference:

Don’t forget to keep and eye on the FOTB website, and sign up for next years event!

Inspired Media – September

September 17th was the first day back for Inspired Media after the summer break. And what a come back!
Stuart Warren-Hill from Hexstatic was this months speaker. Stuart talked about the evolution of the Audio Visual genre over the last decade, illustrated with cuts of his work with the likes of Coldplay, David Byrne and some of his promotional work for the BBC and MTV. There are loads of cool examples of his work on YouTube and Vimeo. One of the earliest, and still my favorite is Timber.

Don’t forget to register for next months event. Details can be found here.

Job Ticketing

Last week I attended a meeting of the Digital Ad Lab. A forum for folk working with digital workflows in the advertising industry. The main chatter this time, was around job ticketing. Boring I hear you cry, and yes, as a subject I would probably agree. But, not half as boring as having to rebuild ads that are out of spec because of bad information. We’ve all been there… you get an order for an ad, you get the ‘latest’ spec for the publication, build it, get it approved, submit it… only to have it returned because your spec was out of date. How irritating is that?
The concept that was being talked about, was a service where all specs would be stored online, and downloadable as XML/XMP data. The trouble is, what are all the fields that are needed? Some really good info on this at the GWG website.
One company that has a tool in place to help is Specle. They produce a plug-in for InDesign (I haven’t tried it yet, but you can get a trial version from their site), that sets all the type, trim bleed etc specs in one click. Just imagine only having to do a job once. You could spend more time actually designing! Fab.

London Digital Week

London Digital Week is looking like being a fantastic event. Running all over the capital from the 21st to 27th of September, it is to include lectures, open studios, workshops and exhibitions. (I particularly like their logo. Reminds me of the Brian Eno/David Byrne album My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts. Hmmm… showing may age…) Anyway, some things not to miss:

Adobe RIA User group

This is an online event, click the link above for details.

Digital Hinterlands Exhibition

This looks really cool. A diverse range of work by some of the best recent architecture graduates, from built models through to interactive devices. Check out some of the stuff here.

SO together
Presented by Glug London. If you can’t get to anything else, make sure you get to this. A bit of everything, and loads of nice people to meet. And food. And beer. What more could one ask for? I know I’ll be there.

I will also be at Flash on the Beach earlier in the week. Not strictly London I know, but there are more Londoners in Brighton than there are here in London. Check out the schedule by clicking here.