This week I have mostly, well entirely so far, been at Flash On The Beach in Brighton. For those of you not in the know, Flash On The Beach is an annual event for the Flash user community, with speakers galore, ‘Inspired Sessions’, workshops… and parties!
Previous years have been dominated by the developer community, but this year there have been a much higher attendance by designers. Which is a good thing. This has probably been fueled by the introduction of Flash Catalyst to the community. Mark Anders gave and introduction to FC in his session. Basically, Flash Catalyst is for building interactive applications and content… without coding. You are able to import Photoshop, Illustrator or FXG files directly, and start converting the layers and elements into Flash components. Try it by downloading the beta version, along with tutorial files here.
Being stuck on the Adobe stand most of the time, I didn’t manage to see nearly enough of the sessions, but one I did get to was by, Laura Jordan Bambach, Executive Creative Director at LBi. Her talk was titled ‘The Death of the Creative Director’. The theme was really around how traditional creativity has been superseded by the innovative use of technology for audience generation. Some really cool examples like the Axion Banner Concerts show how tying together simple and cheap ideas with technology can produce award winning campaigns. Examples on YouTube here. Fantastic stuff.
I spoke to some of the delegates about what they were getting out of the conference:

Don’t forget to keep and eye on the FOTB website, and sign up for next years event!

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