Job Ticketing

Last week I attended a meeting of the Digital Ad Lab. A forum for folk working with digital workflows in the advertising industry. The main chatter this time, was around job ticketing. Boring I hear you cry, and yes, as a subject I would probably agree. But, not half as boring as having to rebuild ads that are out of spec because of bad information. We’ve all been there… you get an order for an ad, you get the ‘latest’ spec for the publication, build it, get it approved, submit it… only to have it returned because your spec was out of date. How irritating is that?
The concept that was being talked about, was a service where all specs would be stored online, and downloadable as XML/XMP data. The trouble is, what are all the fields that are needed? Some really good info on this at the GWG website.
One company that has a tool in place to help is Specle. They produce a plug-in for InDesign (I haven’t tried it yet, but you can get a trial version from their site), that sets all the type, trim bleed etc specs in one click. Just imagine only having to do a job once. You could spend more time actually designing! Fab.

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