IFRA Vienna – Day 1

A quiet day… but the first day always is. I was presenting to very small audiences today. Never mind… I had a chance to get to see some of the other stands. I shall upload some pictures later.
May product favorite so far has to be the Flipick. Produced by Mediawide (formally Sansui Software), the flipick allows a user to create a catalogue of products from the Amazon database. Using a combination of InDesign Server and Flex, once logged on you pick the products you want, and a book is built using InDesign templates. This is exported as a SWF file and displayed in the browser. Each product has a link that populates an Amazon shopping basket, and clicking on the ‘make it mine’ button takes you directly to the Amazon site to purchase. Really rather neat.

My Christmas list! Click on the Go Big button to display in a new browser window. Log on to Flipick here to create your own book.
I can see this getting a lot of traction with online businesses. Personalised catalogues for all customers! Cool.

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