London Digital Week

London Digital Week is looking like being a fantastic event. Running all over the capital from the 21st to 27th of September, it is to include lectures, open studios, workshops and exhibitions. (I particularly like their logo. Reminds me of the Brian Eno/David Byrne album My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts. Hmmm… showing may age…) Anyway, some things not to miss:

Adobe RIA User group

This is an online event, click the link above for details.

Digital Hinterlands Exhibition

This looks really cool. A diverse range of work by some of the best recent architecture graduates, from built models through to interactive devices. Check out some of the stuff here.

SO together
Presented by Glug London. If you can’t get to anything else, make sure you get to this. A bit of everything, and loads of nice people to meet. And food. And beer. What more could one ask for? I know I’ll be there.

I will also be at Flash on the Beach earlier in the week. Not strictly London I know, but there are more Londoners in Brighton than there are here in London. Check out the schedule by clicking here.


Right, I’m off…

…to France for a couple of weeks. A bit of R&R in the quietest village in Europe. When we were there last year, the children strung up a badminton net across the road. It was over an hour before they had to take it down to let a car through. And that is on the main route through the village.
As usual, we’ll have to spend the first few days chasing the mice out, but after that it’s just swimming in the local lake and drinking lots of local wine. No phone, no internet and no TV.
See y’all in couple of weeks.

Me hard at work…

Inspired Media logo competition

Inspired Media is a regular event we have been holding at the Curzon Cinema, Soho. The format revolves around inspirational guests, speaking for around an hour, about their work and influences. Past guests have included:

*Andrea Balboni, from UKTV.
Andrea’s career has spanned print and web design, as well as photography and video. She showed some lovely examples of her work, and samples of her influences.

*Gareth Edwards, digital effects director.
Gareth showed us his approach to creating a big budget look on a low budget. He demonstrated techniques used for ‘Attila the Hun’ amongst others.

*Chris Allen from The Light Surgeons.
Chris showed a huge range of work from installations to advertising.

At each event, members of the audience are invited to bring along some of their own work to show on screen. It doesn’t matter if you are professional or a student, just bring along your work and inspire us all!

Every event has been truly inspirational, and I would recommend coming along to the next event after the summer break.

Whilst we are away though… there is a competition running to design a new logo for the site. Please do enter, the more the merrier as they say. Details on the site here, or on the Inspired Media Facebook page here.

Digerati debate

I recently took part in a discussion hosted by the D&AD and Adobe. The first in a series of ‘Creative Britain’ think tanks, bringing together leading creatives from academia and industry to debate the digital creative environment.

A lot of interesting questions were posed, including:
* What is the right environment to unlock and develop digital talent?
* Is there a digital skills gap in the creative industry, and how can we help?
* What part can digital media play in fostering the UK economy?

See the full debate below… we would be interested to hear your opinions and feedback.

The future ‘Digerati’ debate (full) from Backroom Cinema on Vimeo.

Also check out the Digital Arts interview with LBI’s Creative Director Simon Gill, as a follow up from this debate…

CS4 Summer School

We in the creative team at Adobe UK, have been running a series of eseminars on CS4.

I kicked of the series a couple of weeks ago, with a CS4 Design Premium talk/demo on creating content using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, continued the following week with outputting the same content to many mediums. I showed how to publish the file to PDF for print, interactive PDF for on screen viewing, SWF for embedding in a website and exporting to Flash for further development. I love the new interactive features out of InDesign.

The seminar series covers all the CS4 product line, Design, Web and Video. To sign up for future events click on the CS4 logo below.


All sessions are being recorded, and will be available on demand. I’ll update this post when the page is live.

Recorded sessions are now available by clicking here.

Animation fun

I’ve been playing with animation recently. I first got into it by importing a sequence of jpegs into Photoshop creating a stop motion movie in moments. The sample below shows two of my children having a race around the park.

As a follow up, my wife gave me a birthday present of a one day ‘Introduction to Animation’ course at the Morley College. Oh what fun we had! A bit more pixelation, some cut paper work and my first attempt at plasticine modeling.

The teacher, Sarah, was brilliant, and does animation parties for children as well as workshops for grown-ups.

Watch this space for more animation fun…


Hello and welcome to my first blog!
My name is Marcus, and I work out of the Adobe UK office, supporting the Creative Suite toolset. Coming from a magazine design background, my first love is still the printed page. These days however, I find myself becoming more and more interested in animation and interactive design.
This blog is my attempt to share my thoughts, passions and stuff I find interesting with anyone who’s interested. Feel free to join in at any point.