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PDFXML Plug-in Prerelease

I am pleased to announce that we have just gone live with the Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional release of the PDFXML Plug-in (formerly the Mars Plug-in).

The goal of the Mars Project was to create an XML-friendly representation of PDF and this format is called PDFXML. PDFXML is the name of the file format, as well as being the new suffix for “.pdfxml” files.

Installers are now live for Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional and Adobe Reader 9. Please go to the download page to get the new Mac and Windows installers. For backwards compatibility, the Adobe Acrobat 8.1 Professional and Adobe Reader 8.1 installers are also still available at the same place.

The latest release supports all new PDF language features in Acrobat 9, including PDF Portfolios. There are a number of bug fixes, speed increases and other updates included in this release.

For more information, go to the Adobe Labs Mars Page.

Over the coming weeks, I intend to post more details on the PDFXML format and the changes specific to this release.