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Mars Tools Update

Over the past year, we started releasing some Mars tools on the Mars page on Adobe Labs. These tools in general were written for the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) and as AIR developed over the course of last year and this year, we updated the tools to run with the latest version. All the tools are now AIR 1.0 compliant, so please check for updates if you are having problems with existing tools. We also might have some new ones up that you have not encountered previously.

Font Obfuscator Tool

There has been some confusion as to how to embed OpenType fonts in a Mars file. Embedded fonts have to go through a Font Obfuscation process to stop them being reused directly on another machine. The process to do this is explained in our specification. However, to ease the process, I have created a simple tool to do this for you [Font Obfuscator]. All it requires is that your Mars document has a DocumentID specified in the root element of the backbone.xml file. This is then used to protect the font. Simply select the OpenType font you wish to use, the Mars document in which you wish to use it and a location for the new font to be output to. It is important to note that the protected version of the font can only be used in the Mars document it was protected for (based on the DocumentID).

Note: This tool requires the new Adobe Air beta.