The Elevator Pitch

I just finished a new summary description (marketing types call it elevator pitch) for our product initiative code-named Genesis and also took a few new screenshots. Let me know how I could improve the description to make it easy to understand for people without previous knowledge about Genesis.
Genesis is a new product initiative at Adobe with the objective of joining business applications, documents and the web on every knowledge workers desktop with integrated collaboration capabilities. Using the very intuitive interface of the Genesis desktop client (built on Adobe AIR) knowledge workers (like sales and finance professionals) are able to create custom workspaces combining views into business applications, analytics, web sites and documents. Workspaces can be easily and securely shared with other colleagues or business partners outside the company and provide out-of-the-box real time collaboration capabilities like instant messaging, voice and video as well as screen sharing and white boarding. The Genesis desktop client will be provided as a free download (like the Adobe Reader and Flash Player) and the sharing and collaboration infrastructure is provided by Adobe as a hosted service allowing users to adopt Genesis without or only minimal involvement of the IT department.
A Sales Deal Room in Genesis
Pic. 1: A Genesis Workspace – Sales Deal Room includes opportunity, Pipeline Analysis, Google News and related files and documents (view large screenshot)
The Genesis Organizer and Catalog View
Pic. 2: The Genesis Organizer manages all workspaces and provides access to catalogs full of templates and tiles (widgets and applications to customize workspaces) (view large screenshot)

3 Responses to The Elevator Pitch

  1. When is the Austin region visit? How do you sign up?

  2. Hello Susan,
    we already finished our trip to Austin. Depending on some of the discussions we might go back later this year. Hope to meet you in person at the Office 2.0 conference next week.

  3. alexnowa says:

    There will be a place for plugins or another additional soft?