We Want to Meet You!

During the next months we will conduct a couple of roadshows as part of our effort to get early feedback from potential Genesis (code name) users. We plan to visit three regions in the United States: Dallas/Austin, Seattle/Portland and Chicago.
We are specifically interested to talk with Sales Management, Sales Operations Management, Finance Management (focus on Financial Planning and Analysis) as well as IT professionals in charge of enterprise collaboration. If you are interested or know someone who might be interested to meet with us please contact me at mzeller[at]adobe[dot]com. The Genesis team (there will be about four of us) will visit your company and conduct a 2 hour session to discuss your current usage of business applications and collaboration tools as well as demonstrate the latest version of Genesis and encourage participants to provide feedback into our product roadmap. You also will be first in line to get an invite for the Genesis private beta release we have planned for later this year.
If you are wondering what Genesis is all about see my previous overview post.
Looking forward to hear from you.

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