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Code Name Genesis – The Future of the Enterprise Desktop?

Starting a new blog is always difficult. There are so many things I want to talk about at once. Looking back at the last five years of blogging the only thing more difficult then starting a blog seems to be maintaining the blog.
So why another blog? This is actually not my personal blog (you can find that over here) but the blog of the Adobe Genesis team. I envisioned Genesis together with Steve Yankovich (an Adobe Entrepreneur in Residence) about 9 months ago and since then we build a small team to bring this vision to the market.
So what is the goal of Genesis? With Genesis we try to significantly improve the daily work of information workers in the enterprise. I have been working for the last 15 years on various enterprise software solutions. At Adobe I helped building the partnership with SAP and deliver SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe. During the last years I investigated how new technologies like Adobe Flex and AIR can improve the productivity and usability of enterprise applications. Talking with many customers it became apparent that end users continue to be frustrated about the many information silos and that useful internal information, like Business Intelligence data is not being utilized because it is to hard to access it. Additionally the state of collaboration tools in most enterprises is still limited to email and voicemail. While I believe that the rise of tools like wikis, forums and blogs (I use all of those internally as well as externally) are helping to bridge teams and facilitate conversations between customers and companies, they are still hard to adopt for the regular business user (I am sure the tools will improve gradually). Also I am convinced that there is another major white space today that is not being covered by those tools: A workspace on my desktop, which allows me to mash-up applications and documents in a business context (e.g. a specific customer deal I am working on), share that workspace with others (e.g. sales engineering and legal team) and then collaborate asynchronously or in real time. In a nutshell that’s what we want to deliver with Genesis. The first release of Genesis will be a free AIR based client and a hosted service which facilitates collaboration. Since there is no expensive or complex server infrastructure, business users will be able to use Genesis without the involvement of their IT department.
By the way the timing of this first blog post is no coincidence. Adobe just released, which is clearly an important milestone for Adobe’s transition from software to SaaS (more about it here). Genesis actually uses the real-time collaboration API’s of to provide seamless application sharing within the Genesis workspace. It is getting late but before I leave you here is a link to a demo of an early Genesis prototype. I promise I will record a new demo as soon as I get my hands on the latest build.
As a team we agreed that we want to involve our customers and partners early during the development of release 1. We have already talked to many companies and people in 1:1 meetings and private webcasts. This blogs makes the conversation public and we are excited to get your feedback and keep you in the loop about our progress.
Matthias Zeller
Group Product Manager