Pictures and Video Footage from Vintage Computer Festival

The Vintage Computer Festival last weekend was great! In particular the Homebrew Computer Club retrospective was a lot of fun. Turns out the secret of Apple 1 is that Woz is the fastest hex code typist 🙂 Even in school Woz could write with a typewriter faster then any of the girls in his class.
I wish I had those skills… I could produce many more blog entries…
If you missed the event Cnet has a number of video clips available. Also there a a lot of pictures on Cnet as well as on Flickr.
I only had my cell phone camera, so unfortunately not the best quality…
Here is the panel and it turned out a couple of old school hackers were in the audience including Captain Crunch.

Homebrew Computer Club Retrospective

From left to right: Michael Holley, Steve Wozniak, Allen Baum, Lee Felsenstein and Bob Lash.

BTW they have some really interesting exhibits in the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, so if you are in the area stop by and visit it.

Adobe Illustrator 1.0
Adobe exhibit including Illustrator 1.0.

Original Apple 1
Original Apple 1

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