Exclusive Flex Workshop @ SAP SDN Day

You know already that I am excited about SAP TechEd and the long list of sessions around Interactive Forms. However I am especially excited that I was able to recruit Flex Evangelist James Ward to do a two hour hands-on workshop at the SAP SDN Day on Sept. 11 in Las Vegas. During the last months we have done some work to show how a Rich Internet Application developed with Flex 2 can be integrated with an SAP backend. Here is a video with a 12 minute demo showing the results. If you know the traditional SAP GUI this stuff is pretty impressive.
If you are at all interested in developing Flex applications on top of an SAP backend make sure you sign-up for SDN Day and bring your laptop. We will get Flex Builder installed and you will be able to take the samples you developed home and play more with this exciting new technology.
By the way we will repeat the workshop at SDN Day in Amsterdam on October 17.
Also I will compete in the SAP TechEd Demo Jam, so if you participate please root for me (I will do live coding on stage, so this could get very interesting… No risk, no fun).

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