Adobe at SAP TechEd in Vienna and Boston


If you are working with SAP technology the most anticipated event every year is the SAP TechEd. It is a big get-together of SAP professionals to learn about new SAP and SAP Partner technologies as well as sharing ideas (and have an exciting demo jam and party). This year SAP has four TechEds around the world:
Vienna: September, 21-23
Boston: September, 27-30
Bangalore: October, 5-7
Tokyo: October, 26-27

Adobe will have a significant presence at the TechEd in Vienna and in Boston. It will be a great opportunity for attendees to learn more about Interactive Forms based on Adobe software and for me to talk to SAP developers using Adobe technology and also further evangelize our Interactive Forms story. If you are attending SAP TechEd please ensure to stop by one or more of the Interactive Forms presentations and hands-on sessions:
Interactive Forms Based on Adobe Software – Overview and Customer Experiences: Vienna, Boston
Business Task Management – Overview: Vienna, Boston
Scenarios with Interactive Forms in Web Dynpro: Vienna, Boston
Creating PDF-Based Forms for Printing with Interactive Forms Based on Adobe Software: Vienna, Boston

There is also the possibility to meet and discuss in a less formal setting. Stop by our booth and look at the latest improvements of designing forms integrated in SAP development environments. I think especially our new table wizard is a great new Designer enhancement. Finally, I also offer a Birds of a Feather meeting on Interactive Forms. You can sign up through the SAP TechEd Wiki for Vienna or Boston.

If you are attending SAP TechEd write a little comment. I am interested if anyone out of the SAP community reads this Blog. For those who are interested, but not able to attend I will post updates live from TechEd to this Blog.


Hello and willkommen to my Blog …

I was very excited when I learned a couple of weeks ago that we will have the opportunity to maintain a Blog on I immediately sent an email to Gavin to sign me up. So now I am very happy and proud to be the first one of a second wave of public Bloggers for Adobe.

As you probably already guessed from my Blog title, I will cover themes which are outside of the still common view about Adobe. Yes, Adobe is first and foremost well known for its software for Creative Professionals, photo and video. However for a couple of years now Adobe has been implementing a major new strategy to grow in the enterprise software market. So if you want to learn more about my role in this effort please read on…

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