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Flickr API for Java

I recently decided that I would like to have some kind of tool that I could run to backup all of my photos on Flickr. I basically wanted a directory containing a bunch of subfolders representing sets, with the original photos placed within. I also wanted all of the photos that I had not placed into a set to be downloaded.

Solution: flickrj.

Over the course of the weekend, I’ve become a developer on the flickrj “team”. You gotta love open source 🙂 “Hey, maintainer. Are you going to fix bug x?” “No, user, I’m busy. Do you want to do it?”.

So…if you are a Java coder, and want to do neat stuff with Flickr, do check out FlickrJ. My backup program is also up there, checked into flickrj’s CVS repository.

Update: The actual backup application is here: