MacBook Pro + Windows

I wrote a quick blog post on my personal blog that provides pointers to the things you will need to remap the delete key and get right click working with the trackpad under windows.

Check it out

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  1. Bob Bodman says:

    Matt,Which current adobe products will work with the new MacBook Pro intel duo Tiger 10.4.5?Is there anyway to get Classic to work on this system?How about Virtual PC with Windows XP? Anyway to get it to work with this system?- BobMatt says: Hi Bob. I’m not speaking in any official capacity, but I can say that everything I have installed (Dreamweaver 8, Photoshop CS2, Acrobat 7, Lightroom beta) does work. The MacBook I am using is a 2.0ghz duo, so with the power boost Photoshop seems nearly equal to me in performance compared to my 1.67ghz PBG4. Note that this is unscientific, just my observation! As for Classic, I couldn’r tell you. I’ve never had a use for Classic as I entered the Mac world with Mac OS X.I’ve used Virtual PC on my 1.67ghz PBG4 and was not happy enough with its performance to continue using it. I wouldn’t try it on the intel mac until MSFT recompiles it. In fact. Having an emulation layer for x86 running on top of an emulation layer for Power-x86 seems just wrong!

  2. MIRNA CHACIN says:

    Hi, I thinking to buy a macpower pro but I need ti uses classic enviroment in order to run quicktime VR autoring studio, did you know is calssic run on the new macpower pro?thanksMatt Says:According to MacWorld’s intel mac FAQ, the answer is NO. Classic will not run on an Intel Mac.Frankly, I’m not all that surprised. Perhaps looking into a new tool is in order? Apple has a site listing tools available for QT VR at

  3. Andrew says:

    It appears your link: broken. I was quite interested in reading this.Thanks!Matt says: Sorry, it got lost during my WordPress to Drupal migration. The URL is now back online.