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FAQ: Adobe Support for Intel-based Mac computers

Since a commenter asked about what works on Intel-based Macs, I thought I’d post the official Adobe policy here.


This is my first blog post at, so an introduction is probably in order.

My name is Matt MacKenzie, and at Adobe I fill the role of Software Development Manager for the ebXML Registry component that is part of the Adobe LiveCycle Form Manager product. I’ve been with Adobe now for close to two years. In addition to my work in product development, I also am involved with some standards work at OASIS – Specifically the SOA-RM Technical Committee, and to a lesser extent the ebXML Registry and Messaging TCs.

I hope to share information about Adobe’s Form Manager product on this blog, as well as discuss any interesting events that I am involved in or notice happening at OASIS.

I have also been blogging a bit on my own for a couple of months, you can see that blog at

Until the next post….