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Resizing Content: How to rethink content for mobile devices

I wrote on this topic back in February, but expanded on the theme for a presentation to the San Francisco chapter of STC last week.

Although it may seem self-evident that a small screen requires shorter sentences, shorter word count, etc., some customers are trying to “squeeze” existing legacy content (created for full page display, replete with complex tables and multi-level nested lists) onto mobile devices.

This blog touches on a few highlights of the presentation, which is fairly self-evident in the slide share above. Continue reading…

Returning to the makers of FrameMaker after years in the field

This is my first blog as Product Evangelist for Tech Comm Suite. I have some pretty heavy footprints to follow, since I’m replacing Tom Aldous, who was promoted to lead our sales team. I probably couldn’t ask for a better leader or boss. You see, Tom and I have something in common; we both spent years working directly with customers helping them find a better authoring and content management solution before either of us came on board at Adobe.

Some of you may find my name familiar; I’ve been fairly visible on the FrameMaker scene for many years. Ironically, I was the Product Marketing Manager for FrameMaker before Adobe acquired the product. (I left Frame Technology about 18 months before the Adobe acquisition.) Working closely with the product inventors and pioneer engineers of FrameMaker was a priceless experience.

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