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One more reason to upgrade to FrameMaker 10

by Maxwell Hoffmann

During my recent years consulting and managing production in the translation industry, I encountered far too many customers who stayed “stuck” on an aging version of FrameMaker. Usually it was FrameMaker 7.2. In my new role as Product Evangelist for Tech Comm Suite, I’ll be authoring several future blogs which willcover many reasons for upgrading to the current version of FrameMaker from FM7.2. But this blog will touch on just two features that can pay for the upgrade fee by eliminating “lost hours” on manual processes required in out-dated versions of FrameMaker.

Ironically, some FM7.2 and FM8 users have resisted an upgrade because the user interface was radically overhauled in Version 9. Although the new UI can take some getting used to for veteran users, within a few hours you will find FrameMaker’s customizable workspaces hard to live without. One of my translation agency clients witnessed a 15% decrease in post-translation formatting once their project was upgraded to FrameMaker 9 due to the manual steps that were eliminated by several new UI features.

For sake of simplicity, this blog will focus on regular (unstructured) FrameMaker. All features and principles have parallels in XML or DITA editing/authoring with FrameMaker.

After reading this blog, I encourage you to review an excellent blog by Adobe’s Kapil Verma on “Making FrameMaker your “own” — How to customize the User Interface“.

FrameMaker pods: “real-time” feedback on cross-references

Once you start using FrameMaker 10’s pods for displaying unresolved cross-references, (and other hidden text) you may look back on older versions of FrameMaker as if they were cars that lacked a gas gague on the dashboard. Early automobiles over 100 years ago required the driver to dip a wooden stick into the gas tank every so often to find out when a fill up was required. Trying to move back from FrameMaker’s pods’ realtime feedback is like having a modern instrument cluster on your vehicle’s dashboard for the first time. Continue reading…