Announcing Flex Style Explorer

Macromedia Consulting is happy to share our initial version of the Flex Style Explorer.


This application grew out of our experience working with other visual designers and user-experience professionals who were tasked with creating visual designs for Flex applications, and were often asking for some tool to help them in that pursuit.

Our purpose in creating the Flex Style Explorer was the following:

  1. Create a catalog of the available style controls for flex components
  2. Allow for easy real-time manipulation of the component’s style in order to see the effect of the various controls.
  3. Provide the CSS associated with each style control.

Some Caveats
Use this at your own risk. This is by no means an official Macromedia product and is not supported. You know, the whole “the views expressed here do not represent the views of the parent company”. Same goes here. We haven’t had the opportunity to do much testing so you’re bound to find bugs.

While we’ve tried to catalog every possible style, there are some we’ve knowingly left out. For example, there’s the ability to specify the size, weight, underline, font-family where text appears in components. Rather than include that for every component, we’ve included a view for Text Formatting, and noted that any component that has text can be formatted.

We welcome any comments, ideas, or complaints on the Flex Style Explorer. If you feel that there are any components that are missing, please let us know. Keep in mind that it’s a style App, therefore it focuses on visible components, so don’t go telling me that Tile, Grid, and Canvas are missing.

Also, we would be very interested in ideas for future enhancements. Some of the ideas that we’re hoping to include in future versions are…

  • A selection of predefined themes or examples from which to compare CSS and the ability to bring these into edit mode
  • The ability to have a global custom color palette for the user to select from across components.

To launch the Flex Style Explorer, click here.

You can download the Flex Style Explorer here