Nice Product Configurator – Design Your Own Chuck Taylors

We often reference the product configurators found on MiniUSA and NikeID as examples of great rich experiences. Mini in particular manages to combine a very usable application with verbiage and interactions that reflect the Mini brand. You may want to check out the case study on covering the Mini Site for more details.

We recently stumbled upon Converse’s Chuck Taylor shoe configurator and found it to be another great example of refined user experience in service of guided selling. It was so good that I’m eagerly awaiting a pair of my very own personalized ‘T-Lo’ low top Chuckies. Isn’t that the true test of guided selling?


Does anyone know who designed and built the site?

Visit the Converse Chuck Taylor Shoe Designer site.

4 Responses to Nice Product Configurator – Design Your Own Chuck Taylors

  1. ns says:

    I wish I could see this site – looks like they’ve hardcoded their flash detection to look for player 7, but I have player 8 and it still won’t let me in.

    always, always detect for the version you require *or greater*.

  2. Andy McDonald says:

    If you compare both the NikeID and the Converse product configurators, it is not hard to see the similarities – the Converse site is simply a re-skinned version of the NikeID app. Whilst the user experience is uber-impressive; I bet a much better job could be done using Flex.

    Cheers for now… Andy McDee

  3. sascha/hdrs says:

    Very cool stuff! I’ve designed three pairs of sneakers! Now I wish they just could ship outside the US! 😐

  4. jenna says:

    it is a good site