Welcome to Work in Progress

Welcome to the inaugural post of Macromedia Consulting’s blog, “Work In Progress�.

Our organization has been around in one form or another for a couple of years, but the last twelve months have been a particularly interesting period marked by large engagements, team growth and wrestling with the trials and tribulations therein. We’ve learned many lessons along the way and we felt that it was an important part of our mission to communicate these experiences to the community at large especially given that we have the privilege of working with our clients on novel challenges that some of you may not have encountered.

We continue to learn new lessons every day, changing our opinions, refining our methodology. Therefore nothing we write should be considered a fait accompli. Consider it all a work in progress.

Our projects span the gambit of Macromedia products but our main focus over the last year has been designing and building RIA’s with Flex. Organizationally we mirror many traditional consulting outfits in that we offer technical, user experience and business analysis expertise. Because of this, our Blog will probably mirror these domains.

James Surowiecki once said “[When publishing a blog] you always know the readers are smarter than you.� We take this to heart and we realize that many of you who might visit this blog are also in the trenches of creating great digital experiences. So we solicit your opinions and feedback and we look forward to hearing from you.


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