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Gestural Navigation in Flex

One of the great things about Flex is the “mouseOver” event that pretty much any component, including containers, has available. What this means is that we can trigger almost any event without requiring a mouse click. Why and when would you want to do such a thing? Imagine, for example, a list with details, as shown in the flex application below.

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World’s first intelligent shoe

This is a nice step into the idea of configuring your digital environment. If only I could burn 300 calories while running through here. Kudos!

If anyone knows who designed this experience, I would love to know.

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Flex Style Explorer on DevNet

Just a quick note that we’ve recently published an article on the Macromedia Developer Center (DevNet) related to the Flex Style Explorer. In addition to the things that have already been mentioned here, there’s also an analysis of the Designer-Developer workflow, and how the Flex Style Explorer can help to bridge that gap. To view the full article, go to