Extreme Webcams with Yahoo! Maps 4.0

When not working on mapping projects, I spend a great deal of time skiing and windsurfing. This mashup demonstrates how to integrate live webcam pictures with the Yahoo! Maps 4.0 developer API.

You can view the application here.

Note: You really want to use the app only when the sun is above the horizon. 🙂

The project is build using the YahooMap flex component. The application also includes the standard Pan tool and Navigation widget. I’ve also added (courtesy of Danny Dura) a very cool rubber band tool for zooming into specific areas.

Be sure to zoom out to see webcams in areas that Yahoo doesn’t quite support but offer spectacular skiing and surf sports!

Skiview Mashup

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One Response to Extreme Webcams with Yahoo! Maps 4.0

  1. JabbyPanda says:

    great leveraging of the Flash technology…

    first video, now capturing live imagenery…

    awesome showcase!