FlashLite 2.0 app: Stock Charts using the Drawing API

FlashLite 2.0 offers quite a bit in terms of better mobile application development. Trying out the new features, I’ve created the following application which provides stock quotes for any stock the user enters and charts the historic prices of that stock, which you’re free to download and try out either on your PC or your FlashLite 2.0 enabled phone. Some of the great things about FlashLite 2.0 that I appreciated include the following:

FlashLiteStocks Screenshot

  • Speed of development: Being able to use ActionScript 2.0 for this project cut my development time to being able to complete this in under 10 hours.
  • Drawing API: I love the drawing API and it’s great to use it in mobile development. Particularly in this app, I’m able to download under 3K of data points in order to plot charts over the past year, 6 months, 3 months, and 5 days with great speed. The screenshot to right itself is over 16K (larger than the actual app). Image what four separate charts as images would be in size.
  • UI Expressiveness: Although it’s not a uniquely FlashLite 2.0 thing over FlashLite 1.1, nothing beats Flash for great expressiveness and great UIs.

So, without further ado, to download the swf, which will run on both your PC or your FlashLite 2.0 enabled mobile device … CLICK HERE.