Flex 2 Style Explorer Now Beta 2

With today’s release of the Flex 2 Beta 2 we’re also releasing a companion Flex 2 Style Explorer Beta 2. You’ll notice a lot of changes in naming to styles in Beta 2, and so if you’re working with Beta 2, you’ll need to use this version of the Style Explorer to generate the right CSS.

If you haven’t yet downloaded Beta 2 yet, head over to Macromedia Labs and grab it. If you do, you’ll notice that view-source has been enabled. That said, I’m not a developer, I’m a user-experience guy, so keep that in mind when you look at the source.

[Update: The Style Explorer is in release version and can be found here, on adobe.com

Click Here to run the Flex 2 Style Explorer

Click Here to download the Flex 2 Style Explorer Beta 2