Flex 2 Style Explorer Now Beta 2

With today’s release of the Flex 2 Beta 2 we’re also releasing a companion Flex 2 Style Explorer Beta 2. You’ll notice a lot of changes in naming to styles in Beta 2, and so if you’re working with Beta 2, you’ll need to use this version of the Style Explorer to generate the right CSS.

If you haven’t yet downloaded Beta 2 yet, head over to Macromedia Labs and grab it. If you do, you’ll notice that view-source has been enabled. That said, I’m not a developer, I’m a user-experience guy, so keep that in mind when you look at the source.

[Update: The Style Explorer is in release version and can be found here, on adobe.com

Click Here to run the Flex 2 Style Explorer

Click Here to download the Flex 2 Style Explorer Beta 2

7 Responses to Flex 2 Style Explorer Now Beta 2

  1. blindfool says:

    your cool!


  2. zikey says:

    Very useful!

  3. Martin Rusev says:

    I want flex type 2

  4. Shiv says:

    In the buttons section you have a style called “Border Thickness” that shows up in the stylesheet as border-thickness.

    For the life of me, I can’t seem to get this to work. That is I set the same style attributes are you seem to be doing and my buttons don’t get a thicker border.

  5. Peter Baird says:

    Hey Shiv,

    I’m not sure if you’re referring to Flex 1.5 or Flex 2, as Flex 2 does not have borderThickness as an option, but Flex 1.5 does. In flex 1.5, setting the borderThickness sets the space between the outer-border and the inner-border.

    If you’re looking for styles in Flex 2, make sure you’re using the Flex 2 style explorer, which can be access on the web from here: http://www.adobe.com/go/flex_styles_explorer_app or there’s also a link on the start page of Flex Builder to the Flex 2 Style Explorer. You’ll notice in that version there is no “Border Thickness” option.

  6. Ashe says:

    My apologies for posting something so basic, but I can’t see neither the online demo nor the downloaded file. I have Flash 9 player installed. Please help… I am keen to see the explorer style demo. Thanks in advance…

  7. pan69 says:

    The scrollbar is still kinda weird (after the button probably the most used component). I don’t understand why round corners are only to be considered on the right side of the thumb. What about the left side? What about the buttons? What’s up with that weird 1px gap on the right side of the thumb track? I also don’t understand that you can’t disable the shadow on the thumb.