Pie chart class

Inspired by Peter Baird’s line chart class, here’s a pie chart class in Actioncript 2.0. It’s designed for FlashLite, small screen UIs, keyboard interaction. The pie chart is constructed using a data array that specifies, for each pie wedge, the size, colour and a wedge label.

The zip below contains the pie chart class and a fla showing an example of how to use attachMovie to create the chart.

It’s possible to move focus around the pie wedges – the fla passes 4 way navigation events to the pie chart. The focussed wedge is withdrawn from the pie and can have a different graphical treatment applied to it – by default, the focussed wedge isn’t dimmed, all other wedges are dimmed.

The example fla uses a property object to pass parameters to the pie chart when it’s instantiated. The property object includes the data used to populate the chart, but also a number of other settings used to customise the look of the pie chart:

– vKeepPieCircular_boo = determines whether the pie chart is circular or whether it fills the available space by going elliptical.

– vDropShadow_boo = determines whether the pie has a drop shadow.

-vDimming_boo = determines whether non-selected wedges are dimmed, or whether all wedges are shown the same.

– vPieChartTitleAlignment_str = the title of the chart can be positioned at the top or bottom of the chart.

All the options are described in the fla, so feel free to experiment.

Download the zip

3 Responses to Pie chart class

  1. Rob Toole says:

    Great work Clive…. I dig it!

  2. chall3ng3r says:

    nice work.

    // chall3ng3r //

  3. Balakrishnan says:

    How to show hash style in piechart?