Flex 2 Style Explorer Beta 3 Available

Just a quick note that with today’s release of Flex 2 Beta 3, the Beta 3 version of the Flex 2 Style Explorer is also available.

In addition to some bug fixes, both in flex and in the Style Explorer, you’ll notice a few additions, my favorite of which is the fillColors property added to application (no more loading background swfs to define the background gradient).

Other changes to the Style Explorer include:

  • Application: added fillColors property
  • Application: added fillAlphas property
  • Application: swfs embedded as the background image now reference the symbol within the swf, rather than the swf itself
  • Tab: added backgroundAlpha property
  • LinkBar: added disabledColor, and exampled of disabled item
  • ScrollBars: added a horizontal scrollbar in the sandbox
  • DateChooser: added dropShadowEnabled property
  • MenuBar: added highlightAlphas property (note, this behaves differently from highlightAlphas on other components, and defines the highlight on rollover, not the highlight area in the resting state.
  • Several components: added dropShadowColor property
  • Several components: there are also a couple of other naming conventions that have changed between beta 2 and beta 3, so keep an eye for those.

As always, feedback is welcome and encouraged. If you find something not working, or feel that something is missing, please let us know.

Lastly, the Flex Style Explorer has found a new home.

[Update: the style explorer… the style is at its final home on adobe.com]

Click here to run the style explorer from its new home. (view source is also enabled from this location)

Click here to download the Style Explorer