Flex 2 Style Explorer Beta 3 Available

Just a quick note that with today’s release of Flex 2 Beta 3, the Beta 3 version of the Flex 2 Style Explorer is also available.

In addition to some bug fixes, both in flex and in the Style Explorer, you’ll notice a few additions, my favorite of which is the fillColors property added to application (no more loading background swfs to define the background gradient).

Other changes to the Style Explorer include:

  • Application: added fillColors property
  • Application: added fillAlphas property
  • Application: swfs embedded as the background image now reference the symbol within the swf, rather than the swf itself
  • Tab: added backgroundAlpha property
  • LinkBar: added disabledColor, and exampled of disabled item
  • ScrollBars: added a horizontal scrollbar in the sandbox
  • DateChooser: added dropShadowEnabled property
  • MenuBar: added highlightAlphas property (note, this behaves differently from highlightAlphas on other components, and defines the highlight on rollover, not the highlight area in the resting state.
  • Several components: added dropShadowColor property
  • Several components: there are also a couple of other naming conventions that have changed between beta 2 and beta 3, so keep an eye for those.

As always, feedback is welcome and encouraged. If you find something not working, or feel that something is missing, please let us know.

Lastly, the Flex Style Explorer has found a new home.

[Update: the style explorer… the style is at its final home on adobe.com]

Click here to run the style explorer from its new home. (view source is also enabled from this location)

Click here to download the Style Explorer

11 Responses to Flex 2 Style Explorer Beta 3 Available

  1. Matt Voerman says:

    Hi Guys,
    Great work on the Style Explorer. I may have found a slight bug in the Date Chooser section. The shadow direction option doesn’t seem to be being updating. Whilst it does appear on the CSS (code) view it doesn’t seem to be updating/implementing on the main veiw.


  2. Peter Baird says:

    You are correct, that is not working in Beta 3. Thanks for pointing that out, and send anything else along as you find it. 🙂

  3. Steve says:

    I thought at one point I saw selected fill colors enabled for Tabs of a TabNavigator (akin to what exists for the Accordian), but I couldn’t get the property to work even after I used the CSS generated by the style explorer.

    Now I don’t even see them present in the explorer, so I’m not sure at what point they were removed or deprecated.

  4. Peter Baird says:

    selectedFillColors for tabs was available in Flex 1.5 (as you’ll see in the Flex 1.5 style explorer), but was changed in Flex 2.0. Now the the color on the selected tab is defined by “backgroundColor”. If you’d like a gradient on the selected tab, you can skin the tabs, otherwise, background is your only option in Flex 2.0.

  5. katalog says:

    This site is interesting and very informative, nicely interface. Enjoyed browsing through the site. Keep up the good work. Greetings

  6. josh wood says:

    “If you’d like a gradient on the selected tab, you can skin the tabs, otherwise, background is your only option in Flex 2.0.”

    Gradient is available for “unselected” tabs, why would this feature be removed for selected tabs?

  7. Peter Baird says:

    Good question Josh, and not being a developer on the Flex Development team, nor on of the designer of the Flex product itself, unfortunately, I don’t know the answer. The best I could say is that we could submit an enhancement request and hope that in the next version, support for gradients is added.

  8. josh wood says:

    Thanks Peter for the quick response, I just thought you might have some insight as to why.

  9. Hi, WOW, been searching for something like this.

    How can one receive update emails or is there an RSS feed or something?

    Jon Alexander

  10. Peter Baird says:


    Thanks for the kind words. The Style Explorer is currently linked to from the Start Page in Flex Builder, so if you click the link there, you’ll always be assured the latest version.

    Now that you mention it, a significant update is in the works to the Style Explorer. I can’t say when it will be ready, since I’ve got to “tend to the day job”, but when it is ready, I will post it here, as well as send a note out to the flexcoders mailing list (flexcoders@yahoo.com). So, if you join that mailing list, you’ll be sure to hear when it’s ready.

  11. erwin says:

    hi i use the flex explorer to lookup the style name to use them to style flashforms in coldfusion.
    the problem is though that u can’t use css in coldfusion to do that(to my knowledge), so the older versions are more of a help because they used less “nested” styles(like selectedtadtextcolor). can you set the textcolor on a selected tab in a _global.styles.Tab.setStyle(“selectedColor”, 0x838c06); kind of manner?

    great app, love it and us it a lott:)