Kinglong and Motiondraw have sweet Flash Gradient Explorers [Updated]

Seeings as we’re all about the Explorer’s here, I thought I’d point out some great work that others have done. Kinglong has a great Gradient Explorer. Anyone whose spent a little time trying to programmatically draw a gradient with the gradientFill function in actionScript knows what a headache it can be trying to get the right parameters to draw the right gradient. Enter Kinglong’s gradient explorer. Create your gradient and copy and paste the code. Sweet!

[Update] Andreas Weber of MotionDraw also has a fantastic GradientTweenEditor that goes a bit farther to include code for 2D gradients, and gradient tweens

4 Responses to Kinglong and Motiondraw have sweet Flash Gradient Explorers [Updated]

  1. Dru says:

    Where is this thing? I can’t read the Japanese, and can’t seem to find anything that resembles a Graident Explorer.

  2. Peter Baird says:

    It’s there, though you may need some time for it to appear (BTW, Chinese, not Japanese)… you can decifer it a little bit with services like babelfish. Here’s a direct link to the swf:… All I’ve for to say is, “Cow”.

  3. Andras Weber says:

    Similar, with some extras (like ‘2-dimensional gradients / gradient tweens’ & rotation):


  4. devilchild says:

    it’s not Japanese,it’s Chinese