Mac OS X-looking CSS for Flex 2

As an experiment in CSS Styling, and to show off some of the new features of flex 2 styling, I’ve created a Mac OS X looking style sheet for Flex 2. It’s not perfect, but to the untrained eye, it’s pretty close. There are no images or skins used in this, it’s strictly CSS. With the next transparency features, and highlights, there’s a huge variety of look-and-feel that’s possible. Here’s to more flex apps that don’t look like flex apps!

Click here to download the the CSS and source to the below example

Click here to view an example application with the os x css file
(Flash Player 9 required)


[UPDATE] Thanks to all who pointed out some of the errors (I should have test on a PC first 😉 ). I’ve replaced the the swf and the zip. Apparently there’s a bug with embedding an image declaratively in the application tag, so I used a workaround for that. Also, the fonts should be showing now… but that has surfaced another bug (which I’ll file)… embedding a font and then apply a drop shadow to it makes the font disappear until you rollover it, so you’ll see some words missing until you rollover.