Time-based Flex 2 UI: If time were a color, what color is it now?

I read an interesting comment on a blog post recently discussing the possibility of a doing mathematical operations on colors in the UI, and not one to shy away from a fun challenge, I cooked up the following example of a time-based user interface in flex, as shown in the below example.

There are two things going on here. First, the background color is chosen from a pre-defined set of colors based on the day of the week. Come back tomorrow, and the background color will be different.

But, the more fun part is the second piece, which is something I’ve mused about in the past before… “if time were expressed as a color, what color would it be right now”. So, follow me on this. The time is expressed as such: Hour is represented by a percentage of red, where 24 equals a full value (so, x / 24 converted to a hex value). Same goes for minutes (Green), and seconds (blue). All put together, a full time with hours, minutes, and seconds, becomes the RGB value. So, 12:00:00 a.m. is black and 23:59:59 is white, 12:30:30 is grey, and so forth.

View the Example (Flash 9 Player Required)

Download the Source Code