Run the Flex Style Explorer Inside of Flex Builder

It’s been a while since Flex 2 was officially released, but I’m finally getting around to writing about this. Of course, many of you have probably noticed that the release version of the Flex Style Explorer is now linked directly from the start page in Flex Builder. But, I also wanted to point out that its quite possible to run the style explorer directly in Flex Builder in it’s own tab, as shown in the image below:


To do so, just follow these few simple steps (with apologies to those whoever this was already obvious to):

  1. Download the Flex Style Explorer to your computer by clicking here
  2. Save it wherever your heart desires
  3. Inside Flex Builder, select File –> Open File… and choose Flex2StyleExplorer.html
  4. Ta da…. Flex Style Explorer running in its own tab inside of Flex Builder

Yeah, it’s really that easy, and I apologize if I’ve insulted your intelligence.