New Name: Same Great Taste

Looking back at this blog’s inaugural post back in May of 2005, you start to realize how far we’ve come. What was then a North American consulting group with a handful of very talented consultants has grown significantly over the years, with the acquisition and integration of several very talented groups including Iteration::two, as well as the acquisition by Adobe, and the integration with Adobe’s consulting group. In just the past two years the organization has grown to be quite a force, with representation from San Francisco to Tokyo, from Scotland down to Sydney, and literally everywhere in-between.

Several members of Adobe Consulting have begun contributing to the blogosphere with their own blogs, and rightfully so. The Adobe Consulting organization has grown too large, and it’s members too diverse to be represented by a single blog.

With the growth of the organization, and the rise of additional Adobe Consulting blogs, this blog is being rebranded “Adobe Consulting: User-Experience Hub”, with a focus particularly on the design groups within Adobe Consulting. This is not to suggest that our other Adobe Consulting blogs will not offer user-experience insight, or that you won’t find blog entries of a technical nature within this blog anymore. Steven, Ali, Alex, and the rest of the team continue to pump out some incredible user-experiences (see, Distortion Effects, Scheduling Frameworks, and the like). And Ikezi is still going to give great development tips such as the Flex Builder Cairngorm Plugin and Continuous Integration in Flex.

In our first blog entry, we mentioned that this blog was intended to be an avenue to share the lessons that we’ve learned, and be a window to our “work in progress”. That mission has not changed. We hope that the “User Experience Hub” can continue to serve as an avenue to share with all of you the tools, tips, and techniques to create a great user-experience.

We’ve all reached an important milestone in our industry. Two years ago Macromedia had as it’s motto “Experience Matters”. It seems today that everyone accepts that as a fact. Now it’s a matter of giving the people the tools and resources they need to create the best experience possible. And we believe, as Adobe’s motto states, that the experience can be “Better by Adobe”.

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